Avalon Recycled Skateboard & Acetate
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Avalon Recycled Skateboard & Acetate

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    Introducing the Recycled Skateboard Series, Woodzee's best-selling wood sunglasses! In an effort to promote sustainability and give new life to old skateboards, Woodzee has collected hundreds of authentic used skateboards from friends, family, and the local skate scene. These skateboards have been recycled and transformed into unique pairs of sunglasses just for you.

    What makes the Recycled Skateboard Series truly special is that no two pairs are the same. With so many different skateboards used in the collection, each pair of sunglasses is a one-of-a-kind creation. *The sunglasses are sold in assorted colorways, each with its own story and character. The more the skateboard was used, the more the sunglasses showcase a genuine recycled product or even an artistic rendition. Each pair of sunglasses carries its own history and reflects its previous life of skateboarding.

    The Recycled Skateboard Series offers three variations to choose from:

    1. 100% Recycled Skateboard: These sunglasses are made entirely from recycled skateboards, creating a frame that is a testament to sustainability and craftsmanship.

    2. 50% Recycled Skateboard: This variation features a wood frame combined with recycled skateboard temples. It offers a unique blend of materials while still incorporating the recycled skateboard element.

    3. Acetate frame with recycled skateboard temples: These sunglasses combine an acetate frame with temples made from recycled skateboards. The acetate frame adds a touch of style and versatility to the design.

    *Please note that due to the nature of using recycled materials, the skateboard frames are sold in assorted colors. This adds to the individuality and charm of each pair of sunglasses.

    Experience the joy of wearing truly one-of-a-kind sunnies with the Recycled Skateboard Series from Woodzee. Embrace sustainability and be part of the story behind these unique sunglasses.


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