Are my glasses 100% waterproof?

Woodzee sunglasses have a light wax coating to protect them from ambient moisture but submerging the glasses in water should be avoided. Prolonged contact with water may result in stripping of protective lens treatments or other damage.

Are all your glasses prescription-ready?

Yes and no. Yes our metal or acetate Woodzee frames are Rx friendly. Unfortunately wood Woodzee frames are not Rx compatible. 

How to read & understand frame measurements?

The first number is with the width of the lens, the second number is the width of the nose, and the last number is the length of the temple (arm). All measurements are shown in millimeter (mm).

How should I clean my lenses?

Clean lenses with lens cleaner and provided microfiber pouch. 

How should I take care of my glasses?

Keep glasses in original case when not being worn. To rejuvenate dried-out wood, use beeswax or butcher block oil. To maintain fit, use eyeglasses toolkit to tighten screws.

What types of lenses do you use?

Woodzee glasses come with Nylon UV400 lens sets. Nylon lenses combine flexibility & great optical clarity.

What is a polarized lens?

Polarized lenses contain a special film that blocks reflected light while reducing glare.

What kind of UV protection do your sunglasses offer?

Woodzee sunglasses provide 100% UV400 protection.

Do your products come with a carrying case/box?

Yes, all Woodzee products are packaged and shipped with a microfiber pouch inside a recycled paper stock folding triangular box with magnetic closure. Woodzee also has authentic hand made leather cases made in USA for sale as well.

What is acetate?

Acetate is a hypoallergic, plant-based plastic, known for being strong, lightweight, and flexible.

What is the difference between laminate wood and solid wood?

Laminate wood consists of layers of wood glued together and pressed to create an extremely durable wood-based material. Solid wood, on the other hand, is 100% natural wood without any additional glue or treatments. Although generally not as strong as a laminate, solid wood offers a more traditional, natural wood look.